Administrative Assistant Job Description

An administrative assistant is an individual who performs various tasks within an organization ranging from sorting and distributing incoming mail to different departments and staff within the company and dispatching outgoing mail, compose business correspondence like reports and office memos. He/she answers telephone inquiries from customers, attends to visitors, as well as assists other staff with their own inquiries; operate a wide range of office equipments such as computers, photocopying machines, and files important documents and various papers. The Administrative Assistant also may undertake certain other duties like payroll functions, as well as banking and credit control.

Tips in Writing an Effective Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant Position

Your cover letter should leave a good impression on your readers. An effective cover letter for an Administrative Assistant position you are applying for should highlight your career history and must have an outline of your important reasons why you chose to apply for the said job. The letter should be written in a formal way and should be polished enough and not sloppy. It must sound positive and enthusiastic to be able to attract the prospective employer’s attention. Remember that through a well-written cover letter, you can showcase your excellent communication skills.

The following pertinent information should be included in your cover letter:

Your complete address

The date of application

Title of the position you are applying for (in your case as an Administrative Assistant)

If you have attachments in your application such as a comprehensive resume (CV) and other beneficial documents, you must also indicate them.

Compose an effective, positive-toned statement of your different reasons why you are interested in the position and why did you decide to apply to their company.

Write one or more paragraphs with a broad outline of your qualifications and skills that fit the requirements of the position you are applying for. In this part, highlight or emphasize the most related qualifications and skills you can offer as well as why you believe that you are the best candidate for the said position you are aiming for.

Any cover letter for an application needs to possess a positive and enthusiastic tone. This is specifically important for the cover letter is the very first written document your prospective employer will see and read. Your letter represents you. The varied words and phrases you use should express a strong positive message. Avoid stating things that you can’t do like for example: “I am not that knowledgeable in…” or “I am afraid I am not that adept in…”

Remember: Avoid using negative statements which could give the impression to a prospective employer that you don’t possess the necessary qualifications and skills or you lack the relevant work experiences needed for the job you are applying for. Concentrate on more positive words and phrases like: “I believe I possess the necessary qualifications…” or “I am knowledgeable and adept in…”

Your cover letter should technically be written on a single page. Try to avoid including too much information not related to the position you are applying for, this may distract the reader. You should focus on writing pertinent and relevant information about yourself and your abilities to perform the job.


Sample Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant Position:



(Your complete address) 


(Name of Hiring Authority, Title) (Name of Company)

(Address) (City, State Zip)

Dear (Mr. or Ms.)(Last Name):

I read your advertisement for an Administrative Assistant with great interest and enthusiasm, as my skills and qualifications fit your requirements for this position. Therefore, I am submitting my comprehensive résumé for your review and consideration. Please allow me to explain briefly the contribution I would make with your organization. Throughout my 20+-year career as an administrative assistant, I have demonstrated proficiency in all core office administration functions, including document preparation, internal/external communications, data and records management, meeting scheduling, and task prioritization. In short, I can manage the office without supervision, juggle multiple tasks effectively, and maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive materials and matters.

In addition, I have work experience in supervising staff and working with high net worth clients, both of which require extra attention to the “people management” side of business. Through successfully managing both internal and external relationships, I have accelerated the achievement of goals and positioned myself as a valuable resource in a variety of situations. I would bring to your district not only these administrative skills, but also a positive, cooperative attitude that I have displayed throughout my career. I maintain calm under pressure and adapt to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Again, my comprehensive résumé will detail the required skills and background you seek. I would welcome the opportunity for an interview at your convenience, and I thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I can be reached at (443) 000-0000 or (410) 000-0000. I can also be reached by way of email at:

Sincerely yours,

Angela Beddingfield

Enclosure: Comprehensive Resume

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