Sales Representative Cover Letter

Employing the sales representative helps to support on selling and marketing the goods. Today, each and every organization understands the importance of sales representative started employing sales persons to increase their productivity. In the recent times, the sales representatives are in very high demand. If you are really interested in the sales representative position, only a right cover letter can make the difference that you want.

Job duties of the sales representative include:

  • Adjust the sales presentation content by thoroughly studying the sales type trade factor or outlet.
  • Services obtains orders, existing accounts as well as accomplish new accounts by organizing and planning the daily work schedule to call potential sales outlet.
  • Sell and present the company service and products to potential and current clients.
  • Implement and develop the sales activities to deduce the stock.
  • Coordinate with company staffs to establish required work to close deals.
  • Maintain and establish client relationships
  • Update and develop knowledge on the competitor’s product and own product to differentiate it.
  • Report to employers on the sales and offer feedback about established or new product.
  • Record orders and prepare contracts
  • Determine and resolve client concerns
  • Follow up referrals and new leads from field activity.

Cover letter:

Basically, the cover letter is the most valuable tool, especially when it comes to a sales representative.  Interviews are getting difficult and competition keeps on increasing in every field. Securing the job means a lot to a career growth. Knowing how to write the sales representative cover letter  soundly means the difference of securing candidate and also disregarded as the candidate. A perfect Cover letter of the sales representative gives the best beginning in the process of interview. Most of the employers will consider the cover letter as a part of a vetting process while streamlining the candidate pool.


Sample cover letter:


The HR Manager,

Company Name,


Subject: Application for the position of Sales representative

Dear Sir/Madam,

I Would like to apply Sales representative job opening that I come across on the major job portal. I believe that my job experiences and personal profile correspond well to your job requirements. Previously, I worked in various job positions in the sales departments.

I have experience as a sales representative, key account manager or area sales manager in different areas like chemical, furnishing, office equipment, FMGG, fitting, Grocery and B2B services. My main motivation to work for the company that enhances my future career in the sales department with this job position.

Please find my resume in an attachment that provides up-to-date information on my qualifications and educational background. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks & Regards,

(Your signature),


The cover letter must include the summary of the candidate background according to the advertised job requirement. The cover letter must indicate the knowledge and skill of the position you’re applying for. Most of the cases, candidates will only use the single letter format to multiple jobs, but it is not at all good. Employers will keenly look at the letter and conclude the applicant interest and mind set. Applicants must include the general summary of why they interested to apply  for a particular position by stating experience and qualifications. Don’t make it too long, just a few lines can suffice. Make sure that the cover letter must be in certain structure, format, check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Address the hiring manager while applying for the job. Make sure to mention about the sales in the relevant field and area that they are looking for. State briefly about the experience that matches the job requirement and finish with the persuasive closing why are interested in the specific sales representative position.


A perfect sales representative cover letter can lighten up the profile in a light of aggrandizing that must sum your career. Frame the cover letter that must present your skills and experience in the form of job responsibilities have been handled so far.



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